Laughter is the Best Medicine

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  1. Reduces Heart Disease
  2. Natural painkiller
  3. Helps you burn calories and lose weight
  4. Helps you sleep
  5. Decreases stress
  6. Makes you look younger
  7. Boosts relationships




Over The Lyne Gallery

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Jeannie Jones September gigs

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26th September Raw Guffaw, Troqueer Arms, Dumfries

27th September McPhabbs, 23 Sandyford Place, Glasgow

30th September Carrickvale golf course, Edinburgh

Free Frankie Boyle anyone?

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Frankie Boyle has released Prometheus Vol 1, his new stand-up show, as a free audio download via his website.

via Frankie Boyle releases new stand-up show as free audio download — – British Comedy News

What does MacBeth have in common with the “Toilet Block Dilemma”?

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Thanks to everyone who came to the gig last night at West Linton golf club. Mr Fummey was brilliant as ever. In the first section he delivered a shortened version of his show “How to get a jakey off your bonnet” and hilariously challenged us about how we perceive “offensive” words. In the second section Bruce treated us to his show “MacBeth without the Shakespeare bollocks” and wow how relevant in these days of media propaganda. This was what I think solo shows should be not only funny but thought provoking. Mr Fummey once again delivers! Comedy lovers of the Linton area next time he is here don’t miss him!

Jeannie “treated” the audience to some poor guitar playing and the performance debut of her comedy song “The toilet block dilemma” with an additional version written in honour of the woman trapped in a window retrieving her jobbie!

The next West Linton golf club gig is 17th November with next liner Raymond Mearns

Powerful stuff from Tracey Ullman

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I have always been a massive fan of the brilliant Tracy Ullman. Here she subverts the ridiculous  culture of victim blaming.