Powerful stuff from Tracey Ullman

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I have always been a massive fan of the brilliant Tracy Ullman. Here she subverts the ridiculous  culture of victim blaming.

Political Correctness in Comedy

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Comedy is at risk of becoming bland as more and more people ‘take offence’ even when if they listened properly to what the comic is saying they are usually using comedy to subvert ideas, point out hypocrisy and draw attention to injustice.

In this article Jack Dee highlights the issue.

Tomorrow night at OverTheLyne@Westlintongolfclub Bruce Fummey will be dealing with the very issue of what we should and should be offended by! Tickets still available from Over The Lyne or West Linton golf course.


Bruce Fummey 15th September

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This Friday will be Bruce Fummey’s 3rd show at West Linton golf club.

It was 2 years ago that Bruce brought his first show to the golf club, “A history of Scotland”. He then returned in January 2016 to deliver a most memorable Burns night performance. His Tam O Shanter was the most engaging, vivid and brilliant rendition of the Bard’s iconic poem that I had ever heard. If only Burns had been taught like that at school. This Friday Bruce returns with his Fringe shows. In the first half expect to be challenged as well as entertained as Bruce makes us think about our use of language and what offends in “How can I drive to a gig with a Jakey on my bonnet” then in the second half Bruce then educates as well as entertains with “MacBeth Without the Shakespeare Bollocks”. Expect a wide vocabulary! I can’t wait!


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Edinburgh Fringe

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So Edinburgh Fringe is over for another year. As usual I only got to see a fraction of the acts I wanted to see, mainly cause I was gigging myself, however I did get to see some fantastic acts like Jenny Collier, Matt Price, Mandy Knight, Jay Handley, Tony Cowards, Jo D’Arcy, Jellybean Martinez, Donal Vaughan, Luca Capani and Russell Hicks.  I made some great contacts and hope to bring some of the best Edinburgh Fringe acts to Over The Lyne gigs in the next year.

As well as hosting “Shaggers” at Espionage, Victoria Street,  I previewed  my new children’s comedy act “Dr Jones Funny Bones” at “Huggers” in the Free Sisters, Cowgate. I hope to have turned that into a fully fledged 50 minute show  for Glasgow Comedy Festival in March 2018.

It was great to see the Scottish acts selling out shows and doing well.

So it’s back to normal now on the Scottish circuit and what have I learned? Well, I think I’ve learned that I can hold my head up with many of the comedians on the circuit especially as a resident MC. I’ve also learned that for stand up comedy to thrive we need well organised gigs run by independent comedy companies like Over The Lyne that can bring comedy to local communities. Nothing beats the experience of live Stand up comedy.

Can’t wait for next years Edinburgh Fringe!

Jeannie x





Over The Lyne Comedy Club

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Over The Lyne Comedy Club is all about bringing Stand Up comedy to local communities. Laughter brings communities together and is the best medicine!