Whipman Comedy is back

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Headliner Mark Nelson

`Mark Nelson

After last years runaway success with BGT winner the Lost Voice Guy, Whipman comedy is back!

Now in its 4th year, the Whipman comedy night is back with award-winning Scottish comedian Mark Nelson.

Comedy fans will be familiar with Mark from BBC Scotland radio and TV. He is the regular presenter of the BBC Scotland radio show “The Good, The Bad and The Ugly” and often to be seen and heard on radio BBC Scotland’s “Breaking The News”.

Social media watchers may also recognise him from his “News at 3” videos with his political influencer daughter Isla.

Support acts

Mark will be supported by London based (Cornish man) Matt Price and Northern Ireland’s Paul McDaniel. The night will all be held together with comedy glue by your regular host Jeannie Jones.

Matt Price

Christmas Comedy Special

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Festive giggles


The festive period is nearly upon us and boy are we in need of a laugh this year with all the political nonsense going on in the UK!

Who knows what 2019 will bring but to paraphrase the famous song “Lets face the music and laugh”.

West Linton Bowling Club


Over The Lyne comedy is back at West Linton Bowling Club on the 29th December 2018.

We have hilarious Geordie headliner Seymour Mace and support from Australian comedian, Ro Campbell.



Where can I get tickets?

Tickets are priced £10 and can be bought in advance from Glenda at Rumbling Tams in West Linton (before 24th December) or Joke Pit online and on the door.



Over The Lyne Comedy Christmas 2017

We had a great show last year which culminating in comedians and comedy lovers singing “Auld Lang Syne”. Lets do it all again this year and make it an annual West Linton tradition! Here’s a clip of Jeannie leading off the singing.



WHIPMAN comedy features Lee Ridley (The Lost Voice Guy) BGT FINALIST

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Lee Ridley Finalist!

Britain’s Got Talent (BGT) Finalist, Lee Ridley, The Lost Voice guy will be performing at this year’s WHIPMAN comedy which is held in the marquee, Lower Green, West Linton!


Britain’s Got Talent (BGT)

Lee, secured his place in Sunday’s Britain’s Got Talent Final and is the favourite to WIN!

[embedyt] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lD9sxUAs1zY%5B/embedyt%5D

Tickets to see Lee Ridley at WHIPMAN comedy can be obtained in advance from West Linton Pharmacy or Eventbrite .

There may be limited tickets available on the door however buying tickets in advance is recommended to avoid disappointment.

5 Shows to see at the Glasgow Comedy Festival

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Glasgow International Comedy Festival 2018 is well underway. OTL has 2 shows down and 3 to go! But as well as OTL performing and promoting shows, OTL is looking forward to watching some great comedy.  There will be lots of comedian’s that you will know from their TV credits but Over The Lyne Comedy has picked it’s top 5 recommendations from acts you may not yet have heard of



Here are Over The Lyne Comedy’s recommendations get them quickly before they sell out!


Scott Gibson “Anywhere But Here”

This is award-winning comedian Scott Gibson’s third solo show and OTL can’t wait to see it.
It’s is a story about friendship, love, pool parties, travel insurance, pushing your limits, plunging headfirst into the deep and the Greek third-choice goalie.  Scott will make you laugh so hard the ticket price should come with a packet of tissues to mop up tears of laughter. Wear smudge proof mascara to this one!

Jeannie with Scott Gibson at Over The Lyne Comedy



Fern Brady “Suffer, Fools!”

OTL didn’t get the chance to see this show at last year’s Edinburgh Fringe so really looking forward to catching it this time round. Fern is one of those acerbic, intelligent wits that OTL dreams of emulating. Fern’s confessional story telling style is filled with brutal honesty about her very colourful life. In OTL’s view this is what solo shows should be about . If autobiographical, truthful, gory detail comedy is your thing (and it certainly is OTL’s) then this is the show for you.

Jeannie and Fern Brady



Donal Vaughan “Science Magic”

OTL and Junior Jones were lucky enough to chance this show at last year’s Edinburgh Fringe. Donal has dry, quick wit that keeps the children and the parents entertained in this great family comedy, science show. It helps that there are explosions, fire and general mess!



Susan Riddell “Lazy Susan”

OTL has quickly become a big fan of Susan since seeing her for the first time at Edinburgh Fringe last year. Although the title of her show is Lazy Susan, OTL is convinced Susan must work really hard to have come so far in such a relatively short time. She has great delivery and material to match. Susan has such an easy nature style and definitely has a great future in comedy. She was runner up in this year’s Funny Women competition and also has been nominated for best Scottish Newcomer. This show is definitely worth a punt!



Phil Differ “Life is Pish”

If you love Scottish comedy and you aren’t familiar with Mr Phil Differ then shame on you! Phil  is one of the greatest comedy writers this country has ever produced. No one would ever regret spending an evening in his company, he is simply brilliant. Definitely an all time Over The Lyne favourite.



The above are just a few shows that OTL are picked out but below links to some more fantastic performers that OTL recommends who are bringing their shows to this year’s GCF


Paul McDaniel



Jay Lafferty



Rahul Kohli



Don’t forget OTL is hosting Shaggers 16th and 17th March 10pm and the Yes Bar

Hosting Shaggers


and also Dr Jones Funny Bones is a family friendly children’s show 25th March 2.30pm The Iron Horse

Dr Jones Funny Bones


Snow Joke

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The Snow must go on

Over The Lyne Comedy fell victim to the “Beast from East” with the cancellation of our Carrickvale golf course gig on Saturday.

Whoever invented the  motto “The show must go on” had clearly had never met the mighty fury of Siberia.

Snowed under

Friends of OTL made headlines as their house was nearly engulfed in 12 foot snow drifts. They may have been rescued and taken to safety by the mountains rescue but nothing could save them from the BBC referring to them as an “elderly” couple!  Tsk Tsk BBC


Dic Pics

Throughout the ages art has celebrated the male nude and this wintery season has been no exception. A creative explosion of snow erections have “graced” the land. The people of the British Isles love snow penis.



Weathering the storm

Twitter has become the go to information source for travellers and weather watchers alike. With real time immediate information you can find out exactly what is happening in your own area. OTL is based in West Linton in the Pentland hills, South West of Edinburgh. 8 Miles to the East lies the town of Penicuik. Some comedy /weatherman  genius has chosen to post snow reports for Penicuik under the name @penisnow and because OTL has the maturity of a 9 year old OTL thinks that is hilarious!

The shops may be bare, the temperatures sub zero and live comedy may have been snowed under but there is still plenty to laugh about.

OTL is off to the shops to panic buy alcohol and tins of beans but we are back snow permitting next Friday at The County Inn, Peebles

Over The Lyne at County Inn
Gavin Webster headlines Over The Lyne Comedy





Funny Valentine

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A Dozen Red Roses, Chocolates and a Teddy?

It’s less than a week to go till Valentines Day.

Over The Lyne (OTL) can hear the cynical cries of “who cares it’s all a big marketing ploy”.

Of course it is but it is also a great excuse for having a laugh at all things romantic and sexy (with a few bodily fluids thrown in for good measure).

Shaggers Valentines
Valentine shows 2018

Calling all Valentines Shaggers

Nik Coppin’s comedy show Shaggers is a perennial hit at The Edinburgh Fringe, Brighton, Perth, Adelaide and Melbourne comedy festivals. Whether you single or in a relationship it si the perfect alternative Valentines Night.

For comedy fans in Scotland, Shaggers Valentine Show is at The Glad Cafe, 1006a Pollokshaws Road, Glasgow. The headliner is award winning Scott Gibson with support from Anna Devitt, Matt Watson, Rosco McClelland and your host Jeannie Jones.


Available from See Tickets


Going away for a romantic break with your lover doesn’t always go to plan as these stories of romantic valentine mishaps testify.


Safer to stay at home and find your nearest Shaggers Valentines Show


10 Great Tips for a Happy 2018

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At the end of 2017, comedian Freddie Quinne posted 10 things he’d learned  (I’ve adapted them and used his post with his permission). These are his tips and I think they are pretty great too!

1. Just do your own thing – Don’t get hung up on the journey other people are taking to get to where you want to be, and don’t let other people put you off doing your own thing.

2. Save money – put something away each each month (you won’t even notice it’s gone). It all adds up then the can have that holiday or that emergency fund.

3. Don’t put comedy before everything else all the time – There’s a life beyond comedy.

4. A productivity journal gets shit done 

5. Set stupidly high goals and targets – Cause then if they come off, great, and if not then you’ve made yourself much better just by working towards a ridiculously high standard.

6. Learn to be happy for people – Instead of being sad because they didn’t call you for Live At The Apollo, be happy for the people that got it. It’s far nicer to live off someone else’s happiness than your own bitterness.

7. Don’t let anyone else tell you the kind of person/act you should be – By all means take advice off people, but don’t make yourself conform to other people’s expectations.

8. Have a little breakdown bag in your car – In case you break down then you’ve got some warm clothes and chocolate and life will be marginally less terrible.

9. Remember what you’re grateful for –  write down three things you are grateful right now. It’s reassuring to know that, no matter how shitty a day you’ve had, you can always find three things to be grateful for.

10. Everything changes –  Just because something’s been true for the last 10 years doesn’t mean it’ll still be true tomorrow.

Watch a clip of Freddie Quinne below & follow him on Facebook



If you have got great advice for good mental health this year then please comment below.


6 Annoying things people say at Christmas

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Naughty Elf

After the excesses of Christmas day, it starts! Time to play annoying phases BINGO

How many of these have been said in your house this Christmas?

Please comment and add your own below!

  1. I’m bored!
  2. Is there anything to eat?
  3. The batteries have run out!
  4. This is broken!
  5. I think the instructions have been thrown out with the wrapping paper!
  6. There’s nothing on the TV

Top Ten Feelgood Funny Films to Watch at Christmas

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Watching classic films whilst digesting a week’s worth of calories in one day is a big part of Christmas holidays. What are your favourite funny films? How many of Over The Lyne’s favourite’s have you seen? OTL would love to hear your list (please leave a comment).


Over The Lyne Comedy Club’s Favourite films to watch in the Christmas Holidays

  1. The Castle (1997)
  2. Some Like it Hot (1959)
  3. The Blues Brothers (1980)
  4. Withnail and I (1987)
  5. Top Hat (1935)
  6. Best in Show (2000)
  7. The Man with Two Brains (1999)
  8. The Life of Brian (1979)
  9. So I Married an Axe Murderer (1999)
  10. Wayne’s World (1992)


Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

Peace and Laughter from Over The Lyne Comedy Club



Larry Dean will be a Christmas Cracker!

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Over The Lyne comedy is absolutely delighted to have pulled a Christmas Cracker! We have the hilarious Larry Dean coming to OTL at the Bowling Club on the 29th December fresh from his awesome debut appearance on LIVE AT THE APOLLO!

Get tickets before they sell out! Tickets are available from WEST LINTON PHARMACY or Overthelyne.com

Laugh off the turkey or get tickets as a great Christmas present for the comedy fans in your house!

Jeannie will be your host with some awesome support acts!

Merry Christmas!