Do comedians die young?

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With the very sad news today that Sean Hughes has died at the age of 51 coming on the heels of US comedian Ralphie May’s death at the age of 45 only last week, OTL wonders if comedian’s die young?


Research as far as it can go with a small sample seems to confirm that comedians compared to comic actors do statistically die younger. Certainly, it can be an unhealthy lifestyle. Life on the road can mean irregular meals, little exercise and too much alcohol. There’s also perhaps a predisposing personality towards mental health problems and addiction. With the highs come the lows.

Although OTL firmly believes laughter is the best medicine, for those merchants of the laughter, the comedians themselves,  it may not be so healthy. OTL will keep away from the take aways and try and get its 10,000 steps per day!

Laughter therapy?

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For some laughter therapy, check out the top 100 comedy films in one of our earlier blogs or come to see some live comedy at an Over The Lyne gig.

Laughter is the Best Medicine

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  1. Reduces Heart Disease
  2. Natural painkiller
  3. Helps you burn calories and lose weight
  4. Helps you sleep
  5. Decreases stress
  6. Makes you look younger
  7. Boosts relationships