Fashion bible Vogue, features 5 of the best British female comics

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OTL secretly loves fashion, secretly not because OTL keeps it quiet, but secret because no one would ever be able to tell, lets face it OTL hasn’t exactly nailed the fashionable, glamorous look.

The only way OTL would get to appear in the pages of Vogue magazine,  would be if the magazine did a feature about Scottish rural comedians with the most fashionable wellies and even then OTL would lose to wellington wearing farmer, turned comedian Jim Smith!

Great to see friend of OTL Fern Brady in this list!1800

Is the solo comedy show the new church sermon?

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megaphoneOTL was talking to one of their regular OTL punters yesterday about the shows they’d see at Edinburgh Fringe. This person had noticed how many of the 24 comedy shows  they’d seen that had a serious message. They felt at times preached to instead of primarily entertained. If they wanted to be preached at they would have gone to church!


Perhaps it is driven by what comedians think will interest reviewers and those who put together award lists. Award winning comedy, it seems these days can’t just be about shows with the funniest jokes and that make the most people laugh. They have to be innovative (perhaps gimmicky) and have a strong message.  Don’t get OTL wrong, we love a show that takes us through a rollercoaster of emotion but thought provoking is one thing but being preached at with the occasional joke is another.

First of all a comedy show has be funny otherwise it should it listed in the spoken word section not in the stand up comedy section!

It is of course it is possible to make people laugh and give a strong political and social message.

What do you think? Please leave a comment below. That’s OTL Sunday sermon finished 😉

Diversity still an issue in comedy?

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Whenever Jeannie meets a new comedian she asks “Sorry, have we met before? it’s just all you young white good looking male comedians look the same to me”. Of course it’s a tongue in cheek comment but there are a lot of hipsters with the same hair and tidy little beards.

Yes, there are more white, middle class, men succeeding in comedy but I guess that’s because statistically there are more white, middle class, men actually doing comedy. Thankfully,  diversity in stand up is getting better, as frankly it’s more interesting for an audience to watch comedians from different backgrounds than a whole set list of twenty something, white, straight men talking about Tinder and being single. However,  there’s work to be done and it’s up to comedy clubs like OTL to make sure we encourage a diverse line up.

Certainly one thing you’ll never hear at an Over The Lyne gig “and the next act is a woman! ”

Why we laugh?

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Sophie Scott explains the neuroscience of why we laugh, in this great TED TALK. Did you know you are 30 times more likely to laugh when you with others than alone?515411226–a&utm_medium=referral&utm_source=tedcomshare

Not sure how to get to Carrickvale golf course for the next OTL gig?

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Our next OTL gig is at Carrickvale golf club on the 30th of September. A location map is included below. It is on the tram line, get off at Balgreen station! Hope to see a full house.
Carrick Vale golf club is right beside Carrick Knowe golf club! 
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Carrickvale Golf Club
29 Glendevon Park, Edinburgh EH12 5UZ

BBC confirm French & Saunders 30th Anniversary Special (OTL is very excited)

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The BBC has confirmed initial details of a new Dawn French and Jennifer Saunders Christmas special, marking their sketch show’s 30th anniversary.

via BBC confirm French & Saunders 30th Anniversary Special — – British Comedy News


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Nik Coppin travels the world doing comedy, Australia, Norway, North America, Indonesia, Thailand, Germany & Spain are just a few of the places he’s been this year! This will be his first time in Peebles! Let’s make it a memorable one.

OTL favourite Gary Meikle talks to BBC news magazine

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Gary in this picture on the far left after the OTL gig in January at West Linton bowling club, talks to BBC News about his comedy and his daughter Ainsley. Gary has also gigged for OTL at Peebles Rugby club. We hope to have him back in the near future!img_0581

Laughter therapy?

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For some laughter therapy, check out the top 100 comedy films in one of our earlier blogs or come to see some live comedy at an Over The Lyne gig.

Laughter is the Best Medicine

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  1. Reduces Heart Disease
  2. Natural painkiller
  3. Helps you burn calories and lose weight
  4. Helps you sleep
  5. Decreases stress
  6. Makes you look younger
  7. Boosts relationships