Diversity still an issue in comedy?

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Whenever Jeannie meets a new comedian she asks “Sorry, have we met before? it’s just all you young white good looking male comedians look the same to me”. Of course it’s a tongue in cheek comment but there are a lot of hipsters with the same hair and tidy little beards.

Yes, there are more white, middle class, men succeeding in comedy but I guess that’s because statistically there are more white, middle class, men actually doing comedy. Thankfully,  diversity in stand up is getting better, as frankly it’s more interesting for an audience to watch comedians from different backgrounds than a whole set list of twenty something, white, straight men talking about Tinder and being single. However,  there’s work to be done and it’s up to comedy clubs like OTL to make sure we encourage a diverse line up.

Certainly one thing you’ll never hear at an Over The Lyne gig “and the next act is a woman! ”


Looking for some great Comedy Specials on NETFLIX?

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Nothing beats the social experience of laughing together at a live gig with friends. However for the times when we can’t get out to see live comedy, there’s Netflix comedy specials. Netflix heavily features US comedians and why not there are some great ones and realistically it’s unlikely that many of us will have the pleasure of seeing them live. So, sit back, feet up and enjoy some serious laughs with some of my favourite Netflix specials featuring Maria Bamford, Louis CK and Dave Chappelle.Maria_Bamford_Old_Baby_KeyArt_Hor_FM


Not sure how to get to Carrickvale golf course for the next OTL gig?

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Our next OTL gig is at Carrickvale golf club on the 30th of September. A location map is included below. It is on the tram line, get off at Balgreen station! Hope to see a full house.
Carrick Vale golf club is right beside Carrick Knowe golf club! 
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Carrickvale Golf Club
29 Glendevon Park, Edinburgh EH12 5UZ

Over The Lyne Comedy Club

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Over The Lyne Comedy Club is all about bringing Stand Up comedy to local communities. Laughter brings communities together and is the best medicine!