5 Shows to see at the Glasgow Comedy Festival

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Glasgow International Comedy Festival 2018 is well underway. OTL has 2 shows down and 3 to go! But as well as OTL performing and promoting shows, OTL is looking forward to watching some great comedy.  There will be lots of comedian’s that you will know from their TV credits but Over The Lyne Comedy has picked it’s top 5 recommendations from acts you may not yet have heard of



Here are Over The Lyne Comedy’s recommendations get them quickly before they sell out!


Scott Gibson “Anywhere But Here”

This is award-winning comedian Scott Gibson’s third solo show and OTL can’t wait to see it.
It’s is a story about friendship, love, pool parties, travel insurance, pushing your limits, plunging headfirst into the deep and the Greek third-choice goalie.  Scott will make you laugh so hard the ticket price should come with a packet of tissues to mop up tears of laughter. Wear smudge proof mascara to this one!

Jeannie with Scott Gibson at Over The Lyne Comedy



Fern Brady “Suffer, Fools!”

OTL didn’t get the chance to see this show at last year’s Edinburgh Fringe so really looking forward to catching it this time round. Fern is one of those acerbic, intelligent wits that OTL dreams of emulating. Fern’s confessional story telling style is filled with brutal honesty about her very colourful life. In OTL’s view this is what solo shows should be about . If autobiographical, truthful, gory detail comedy is your thing (and it certainly is OTL’s) then this is the show for you.

Jeannie and Fern Brady



Donal Vaughan “Science Magic”

OTL and Junior Jones were lucky enough to chance this show at last year’s Edinburgh Fringe. Donal has dry, quick wit that keeps the children and the parents entertained in this great family comedy, science show. It helps that there are explosions, fire and general mess!



Susan Riddell “Lazy Susan”

OTL has quickly become a big fan of Susan since seeing her for the first time at Edinburgh Fringe last year. Although the title of her show is Lazy Susan, OTL is convinced Susan must work really hard to have come so far in such a relatively short time. She has great delivery and material to match. Susan has such an easy nature style and definitely has a great future in comedy. She was runner up in this year’s Funny Women competition and also has been nominated for best Scottish Newcomer. This show is definitely worth a punt!



Phil Differ “Life is Pish”

If you love Scottish comedy and you aren’t familiar with Mr Phil Differ then shame on you! Phil  is one of the greatest comedy writers this country has ever produced. No one would ever regret spending an evening in his company, he is simply brilliant. Definitely an all time Over The Lyne favourite.



The above are just a few shows that OTL are picked out but below links to some more fantastic performers that OTL recommends who are bringing their shows to this year’s GCF


Paul McDaniel



Jay Lafferty



Rahul Kohli



Don’t forget OTL is hosting Shaggers 16th and 17th March 10pm and the Yes Bar

Hosting Shaggers


and also Dr Jones Funny Bones is a family friendly children’s show 25th March 2.30pm The Iron Horse

Dr Jones Funny Bones


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