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The Snow must go on

Over The Lyne Comedy fell victim to the “Beast from East” with the cancellation of our Carrickvale golf course gig on Saturday.

Whoever invented the  motto “The show must go on” had clearly had never met the mighty fury of Siberia.

Snowed under

Friends of OTL made headlines as their house was nearly engulfed in 12 foot snow drifts. They may have been rescued and taken to safety by the mountains rescue but nothing could save them from the BBC referring to them as an “elderly” couple!  Tsk Tsk BBC

Dic Pics

Throughout the ages art has celebrated the male nude and this wintery season has been no exception. A creative explosion of snow erections have “graced” the land. The people of the British Isles love snow penis.


Weathering the storm

Twitter has become the go to information source for travellers and weather watchers alike. With real time immediate information you can find out exactly what is happening in your own area. OTL is based in West Linton in the Pentland hills, South West of Edinburgh. 8 Miles to the East lies the town of Penicuik. Some comedy /weatherman  genius has chosen to post snow reports for Penicuik under the name @penisnow and because OTL has the maturity of a 9 year old OTL thinks that is hilarious!

The shops may be bare, the temperatures sub zero and live comedy may have been snowed under but there is still plenty to laugh about.

OTL is off to the shops to panic buy alcohol and tins of beans but we are back snow permitting next Friday at The County Inn, Peebles

Over The Lyne at County Inn
Gavin Webster headlines Over The Lyne Comedy





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