10 Great Tips for a Happy 2018

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At the end of 2017, comedian Freddie Quinne posted 10 things he’d learned  (I’ve adapted them and used his post with his permission). These are his tips and I think they are pretty great too!

1. Just do your own thing – Don’t get hung up on the journey other people are taking to get to where you want to be, and don’t let other people put you off doing your own thing.

2. Save money – put something away each each month (you won’t even notice it’s gone). It all adds up then the can have that holiday or that emergency fund.

3. Don’t put comedy before everything else all the time – There’s a life beyond comedy.

4. A productivity journal gets shit done 

5. Set stupidly high goals and targets – Cause then if they come off, great, and if not then you’ve made yourself much better just by working towards a ridiculously high standard.

6. Learn to be happy for people – Instead of being sad because they didn’t call you for Live At The Apollo, be happy for the people that got it. It’s far nicer to live off someone else’s happiness than your own bitterness.

7. Don’t let anyone else tell you the kind of person/act you should be – By all means take advice off people, but don’t make yourself conform to other people’s expectations.

8. Have a little breakdown bag in your car – In case you break down then you’ve got some warm clothes and chocolate and life will be marginally less terrible.

9. Remember what you’re grateful for –  write down three things you are grateful right now. It’s reassuring to know that, no matter how shitty a day you’ve had, you can always find three things to be grateful for.

10. Everything changes –  Just because something’s been true for the last 10 years doesn’t mean it’ll still be true tomorrow.

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